Don't Be Fooled!
"A Wooden Tree Only Fits a Wooden Horse"

BOZ Custom Designed Equestrian Equipment
About the FAMOUS Boztic Spring Flex Tree (patented) with
Sponge Comfort Bars:

If you had a pair of wooden shoes made to fit your feet, would you use them to jog in, or would you use your trusty running shoes?

Wooden shoes don't flex and won't conform to your feet, so trying to jog in them would be very painful and inefficient in the long run. So why put your horse through what you wouldn't do to yourself?

Wooden Shoes (6k) 
Just as 12 pair of socks will not make wooden shoes fit your feet as comfortably as a pair of sneakers, additional padding will not make a wooden tree fit your horse's back during movement as comfortably as a saddle built using the Boztic Spring Flex Tree.
Saddle Flex Demonstration (8k) 

Even under weight, their traditional wooden "No Flex Tree" remains rigid and cannot conform to the contours of your horse's back. Worse yet is the English Steel Tree - no matter how you pad or stuff it!

Flex Demonstration #2 (35k)

The Boztic Spring Flex Tree is made of flexible, lightweight material which provides precise fit, greater weight distribution, maximum comfort for your horse and greatly enhances speed, balance, and agility. The Boz Versatile Balance Rhythm Saddles featuring the Boztic Spring Flex Tree are the first and only saddles ever made to truly fit any horse.

BOZ Training Saddle (42k)

The Race and Training Saddles have been proven in 100 mile endurance rides. The flexible tree remains in contact with the horse's back. It does not bridge or put excess pressure on the withers or loins.

U.S. Patent No. 5,101,614

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To contact John Bozanich:
Phone call: (559) 539-2179
Snail Mail: 33024 Globe Drive, Springville, CA 93265

If you prefer to see, hold, and read a full color catalog - what! you don't like my web page? - then send $10.00 in U.S. currency to the above address and Boz will send you the booklet, "Riding by Reasoning" by Monty Foreman, along with the BOZ Saddlery current catalog. Boz feels strongly that it is not enough to create hi-tech performance riding equipment without educating the rider in it's correct use. Boz also holds clinics, has training videos, creates custom horse orthotics, custom boots, english and western styled custom Balance Rhythm Saddles, leather bell boots, breast collars, martingales, reins, and bits. BOZ Saddlery is not just another saddle company, it is an entire tack/training system! Learn how to really ride, and your horse will thank you.

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This page created December 29, 1997 by Deanne Del Vecchio.
I ride in a Racing/Training, purple BOZ saddle during pleasure rides and 50 miles endurance rides. You may E-Mail me with your questions, and for my personal opinion about BOZ Saddles.